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公司簡介 About Us
本公司專業縫製各類制服,類別繁多, 適合各大行業。包括護士,醫生,美容師,銀行職員,夜總會公關,售貨員,酒樓,食肆員工,工程師,維修技師,高級行政人員,護衛員,產品推廣員,社團及各大宗教服裝,歌唱樂團表演服裝及承造各類型校服等。數量由每款30件以上,但需跟本公司款式,若60以上,可來款起辦,或圖片查詢價錢。

We are expert at making in order of uniforms suitable for all kinds of professions and occupations including nurses, doctors, cosmeticians, staff in banking, managers in night clubs, salesperson, restaurant workers, engineers, technicians, executives, security guards, promoters, societies, religions costumes, societies of singers, uniforms for showing and for opera etc.. We also have different styles of school uniforms. Over 30 pieces for ordering one style. Moreover,if over 60 pieces, we have various pictures for your reference. We are welcome for you to send pictures and ask for the pieces.
Beside that, we have lots of clothing material for your selection. We have plenty of pre-designed suits for nurses, doctors and cosmeticians for sale. It is welcome either for retail or wholesale.All the uniform can keep for two years to change a new zipper but keep the receipt. If you want to order, please Tel:23967893.